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Table Rock 2011 Day 3 – Part Two: Mara & Murphy Become Friends

Throughout our eventful day, we’ve kept the Van Halen coming.  Not too many pics on the water – apparently we were afraid they would look too much like yesterday’s.  Go figure.  We did get a couple of great ones during lunch at Danna’s (after losing the tooth and anchor but before the towel)…

Not to harp on the bad ju-ju from Part One of this day, but by the day’s end, Mara is crabby.  In that quiet “this sucks but I’m not saying anything” way that Mike totally attributes to my genes.  Her life jacket has rubbed raw patches on her upper arms and neck.  Which makes her not do well as either surfing or boarding. She does not take any of these things well.  (Also why you don’t see any pics of that here…)

Then Max drops the built-in cooler lid on her toe.

And, finally, something stings her finger while she is waiting for the rest of us to head back to the RV.

Mara – meet Murphy.  The equivalent of “this day is going from bad to worse, and I thought it already sucked.”  Fortunately, she manages to make it back to the RV where some air conditioning and food revive her.  Whew…bullet dodged by the rest of us.


Mara and her cool glasses

No hands – or rope!

Table Rock 2011 Day 2: Jumping In + Catching A Log

It’s the first full day of vacation – or at least the first full day without travel.  Big sigh – one full of air-conditioned air courtesy of the RV.  Yep – very thankful we are not tent camping.

Today’s soundtrack was even more Jason Aldean – although I turn the music down when I’m driving.  It’s hard to hear “Hit It!” and “Down!” when the tunes are cranked.  And, boy, do those people in the water get testy when you don’t listen to them.  Geez!

Everyone got a turn today…Mike, Mara and Max.  In all sorts of ways. We are on our standard schedule – it looks pretty much like last year.  Hey – don’t fix it if ain’t broke! Simply put…

Lunch at Danna’s + Oasis Shaved Ice (at the Marina) + Water + Sun = Awesomeness!

We also manage to hook our second tree with the anchor.  This one is even bigger than the one on Sunday.  We’re all about trading up – assuming that we can still get our anchor back in the boat.  (That turns out to be a bit of a prophetic statement (hint, hint…foreshadowing…)

Mara’s first wakeboard ride…

…and Max’s first too

More tandem surfing of Mike + Max – with the high sign

Mike catching some wakeboard air…

…and then cutting it hard

Table Rock…the schedule and the food

We tend to fall into a routine on the lake.  We like it that way…sleep in (for us this is maybe 7…9 or so for the kids), get on the water, late lunch at Danna’s, Oasis shaved ice (at the Marina)  which was not quite the same as our favorite in Maui, dinner and a campfire or two. 

That’s the sort of vacation I like…although getting someone else to cook the dinner would have rocked.  Of course, when I thought that I also thought about the newlyweds who were camping.  Yes, camping during the hottest week of the summer.  I guess you might as well be tested right out of the gate…but I digress.

The State Park Marina is great.  Clean, stuff to buy, good food, gas, slip for the boat, 5 minute walk to the RV.  If Mike were doing these posts, you wouldn’t get to see all this…but he’s not.  Oh, the power of the blogger! 

At Danna’s…looking at fish or turtles or something

Shaved ice thumbs up

Rootbeer float…the Midwest version of shaved ice

Our little pyro…

Yeah, yeah…there are LOTS of pictures of time on the water.  Keep your swimming suits on…that’s the next post.