Australia 2011: The Sydney Kick-Off Lands In the Aquarium

Within 2 hours of clearing customs (during which the quarantine dog became enamored with Max’s backpack…due to Bullet using it as a bed), we had a Subway lunch (kids), a Starbucks hit (mostly Jen) and headed to the Sydney Aquarium.

Our hotel view overlooked Darling Harbour which has plenty to keep us hopping and walking our legs off until we head up the coast…but I’m getting ahead of myself!

The Sydney Aquarium is about a five minute walk from our hotel.  It includes “beautiful but bizarre” dugongs (2 of only 5 on display anywhere in the world), plus sharks, stingrays, platypus (Max’s favorites) and an exhibit on the Great Barrier Reef (good prep for our New Year’s Eve snorkeling cruise!).  The walk-through tunnels (like the ones at the Maui Ocean Center) continue to be our favorite type of display, exhibit, whatever you call it.

What we didn’t expect was the number of large Lego statues and even a full wall mural of Captain Ahab fighting Moby Dick.  Lots of legos…a cowboy, a mermaid, a camel…this aquarium can give the Legoland that is coming to KC a run for its money!

I know, I know.  Life-size Lego statues are gonna be a hard act to follow…but there’s always toilets!  Betcha can’t wait to hear about that…


Time for a Christmas Pilgrammage

If you’ve been following along, you know that we like to create annual family traditions – all kinds but a number of them that involve experiences, especially travel experiences.  (If you are just tuning in, check out the wide variety of past posts over the to right…not all of them are highly entertaining but some like Max’s fight with the man o’ war in Maui and Mike’s escapades with the guys at Lake Powell are a great place to start!)

OK…so what in the world do we have up our sleeve for Christmas 2011?

More like where in the world…


Mike has been to Sydney before and had to return for business for a couple of weeks.  Never being ones to rest on our laurels, the kids and I decided to join him.  Australia is on our family bucket list, and this was perfect timing.  Not just because Mike was going to be there but because it’s SUMMER in Australia in December…and you know how we love the sun and water!

The good thing about flying there is that you nearly lose a whole day…that means less jet lag!  Even though we are staying nearly 3 weeks, who wants to have a bunch of downtime trying to get that body clock straightened out?  Not us!  So we hit the ground running right from the plane (ok, right from customs)…

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