End of Season Celebration

What a heck of a season! I would like to personally thank each player for an awesome Spring 2010 YMCA Youth Football season. Each player worked hard, tried their best, and had a great attitude! Thank you. I would like to also thank all of the parents! Making it to practice, games, taking care of snacks, all while managing a million other commitments. Thank you. Special thanks to Jim and everyone for helping with the STARS program. I think the kids really enjoyed that. Last but certainly not least, HUGE thanks to Steve Nelson for helping to coach this season. Steve, we could not have done it without you. Thanks!
————————————————————————————————- Cooper, Mr. Defense, Whorton!

Chase, The Bruiser, Clopton!

Tanner, Lionheart, Nelson!

Devin, Most Improved, Noble!

Peyton, The Imtimidator, Morehouse!

Andrew, Mr. Speed, Horton!

Ian, Can Do it All, Sprick!

Cole, Mr. Game Time, Nelson!

Vince, The Machine, Lewis!

Max, The Field General, Peek!

Ethan, The Crusher, Salzman!

Peyton, The Intimidator, Morehouse!

Mid Season Game

Coach Steve & The Tigers! Beautiful day.

Future University of Missouri Quarterback Ian Sprick

Hand off to Cooper w/ Devin Blocking!

Another hand off to Cooper. Devin has his football face going and the other kid is afraid to move!