Carrying on Traditions – Flashback to Thanksgiving

In 1925 a tradition started in Kansas City.  The lighting of the Plaza Lights in Kansas City.  For weeks leading up to Thanksgiving lights are hung up and down each shop and street in the Plaze with the ‘big night’ being Thanksgiving when a local celebrity flips the switch and turns them on.
A couple of years ago to her credit Jen started a tradition with the kids tied to the Plaza lights.  The Tuesday night before Thanksgiving there is a ‘practice’ lighting at 2A.  As the Thursday night lighting is a bit of a madhouse with ~ 70-100K people Jen thought it would be cool to take the kids down for the practice lighting and follow that up with a breakfast afterwards.  This year the timing worked that Jen was taking a pilgramage to Tucson so the duties fell to me.  And of course we had to mix things up again.  Below is a picture of me with Mara and Max shortly after the lights were lit.  The tradition continues…
The tradition continues but with a twist!  Jen and the kids normal stop after the lighting was iHop for breakfast.  While interesting, an iHop stop was not overly appealing to me and did not fit my requirement for increasing my kids exposure to the true culture of life.  So… we decided to do Town Topic instead.  For our Kansas City friends, they will know that this did not come with some minor reservations.  Town Topic is known as THE place to go after the bars close and you need some high impact after bar food.  Any trip into Town Topic is guaranteed to create a memory and our night was no different.
How many places do you know that were started in 1937 and are still almost the exact same.  Ten bar stools and open kitchen.  Somewhat hesitant about the new menu I was proud of Mara and Max for giving it a shot.  Mara inhaled her hash browns in about 25 seconds and Max declared that the ‘Sliders’ were now his favorite hamburgers in the world.  I think we might have a new tradition!
Below is my breakfast about halfway through.  I am not much of a sausage fan but had to admit that this was absolutely one of my Top Ten breakfasts of all time. 

Closing comments… Jen has become the resident blogger and for that I am grateful as I was falling behind.  She obviously does a much better job of this than me.  And…  this was a great reminder to me that life is about living, about creating memories, and sharing them with those that you love.  Are you living life to the fullest?