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Table Rock…the schedule and the food

We tend to fall into a routine on the lake.  We like it that way…sleep in (for us this is maybe 7…9 or so for the kids), get on the water, late lunch at Danna’s, Oasis shaved ice (at the Marina)  which was not quite the same as our favorite in Maui, dinner and a campfire or two. 

That’s the sort of vacation I like…although getting someone else to cook the dinner would have rocked.  Of course, when I thought that I also thought about the newlyweds who were camping.  Yes, camping during the hottest week of the summer.  I guess you might as well be tested right out of the gate…but I digress.

The State Park Marina is great.  Clean, stuff to buy, good food, gas, slip for the boat, 5 minute walk to the RV.  If Mike were doing these posts, you wouldn’t get to see all this…but he’s not.  Oh, the power of the blogger! 

At Danna’s…looking at fish or turtles or something

Shaved ice thumbs up

Rootbeer float…the Midwest version of shaved ice

Our little pyro…

Yeah, yeah…there are LOTS of pictures of time on the water.  Keep your swimming suits on…that’s the next post.