Kamp Kanakuk – An Experience Like No Other

As kids  both Jen and I attended church camps.  For both of us they made a significant impact.  As Max and Mara got older they had attended Boy Scout and Girl Scout camps but had never been to church camp.  We had heard really great things about Kamp Kanakuk down by Table Rock and they went down for a week together in August.  They attended the K-Seven camp which is a sports and activities camp that is unlike any camp I have ever seen in my life.  You name an event from massive water slide to tree top walking to wakeboarding and they had it.  I would encourage anyone to check it out. http://www.kanakuk.com/Discover/place/KSeven.aspx 

Above is a picture of Max with his camp mates.  He came back a changed kid.

Above is one of the camp directors.  It is pretty cool to see someone with the combination of fun loving, spirited, soulful, and passion to share her faith lead a group of young people. 

Director Chancey closed out the session.  A guy with a lot of passion that inspires all of us to the live of our dreams, to lift others, and to walk with God.

Ten years from now I think all four of us will look back at Kanakuk as a life changing moment in our lives.