Annual Tradition – Golf in St. James, floating the Huzzah!

Each year for the last… hmmm… I don’t how many years a group of us makes a trek down to Southern Missouri for the annual float trip.  The trip starts out with a friendly golf game at the infamous St. James golf club in… you guessed it St. James, Missouri.  In a recent change of events, the golf course now actually sells adult beverages which is a strong contrast to year past where they would simply provide you with a cooler and ice.  9 holes: $ 15.  Seriously.  How do you beat that?  Pictured here is Brian (pink hat), Mike, Jory, and myself.  No last names to protect the innocent.
This is post golf game in downtown Steelville, Missouri.  Who would have known that Steelville had such a large number of people who fought in the Korean war and unfortunately did not return alive.  Was pretty cool to see the town pay tribute to these brave women and men.

This is the last picture from this trip.  We have a rule that says that no cameras are actually allowed on the river.  For anyone who has floated the Huzzah in Southern Missouri you understand.  I took this primarily in reference to what is likely one of the last working pay phones in N. America.  In the background you can see the workhorse – the Bounder which as always served us well throughout the trip. 

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