Banana Bread!!!!!

There is a little roadside stand about 3 miles AFTER the road goes to one lane in West Maui. We discovered this little gem near the end of our first week here by complete accident. It was the beginning of many adventures that day. In looking back at the blog, apparently I hadn’t started my writing career here, so you may not be up to speed. Here’s the summary…

  • We went looking for the Olivine Pools and overshot…ending up on a one lane road. This being my first Maui mountain road experience, I freaked out (as much as possible given the need to maintain some compsure for the kids’ sake).
  • We kept hoping for more than one lane and found banana bread. Followed by misunderstanding which direction to go from the stand – thereby driving around the whole upper part of west Maui coming in the back side of Kahului. Did I mention the gas light came on about 4 miles into this?
  • Got gas, started back to Lahaina…only to be stopped by a wildfire which shut down the highway. Thanks to Travelocity (and Mike!) and Wal-Mart, the kids and I spent the night in Kahului and got home the next day.

Back to that banana bread…the signs kept saying it was the World’s Best. High hopes were there on our first visit and it didn’t disappoint. So much so that we went back. It didn’t seem nearly as far this time…of course, we’ve driven all sorts of Maui roads since then!

You can get your own right here: Julia’s Banana Bread