Snorkeling at Black Rock

Black Rock is a fairly well known spot in Maui – especially West Maui. It is an outcropping of lava rock – on top of which part of the Sheraton stands. On either side of it is Dig Me Beach. The Sheraton has a torchlighting and cliff diver (which is a little overstated) each night at sunset. You can also jump off of it during the day if you are so inclined.

What is also does is create a wind break in the ocean making is a perfect snorkeling spot. It does get crowded because the beach is easy walking distance from the major resorts (Sheraton, Westin) and because families with kids can snorkel without spending an arm and leg on a cruise (especially for younger ones). And based on what we saw today, I totally get that. Four sea turtles so close you can touch them, a foot-long eel and fish, fish, fish. The turtles sort of freaked us out – clearly they were used to swimmers. But we don’t have an underwater digital camera so no pics of that.

As usual, the kids used their imaginations and started creating the Maui version of snowballs…