Paying It Forward

Sometimes, you can meet people who remind you of what matters – and it happens when you least expect it. Yes, this can happen even in the middle of paradise – maybe it would be better to say it can happen especially in the middle of paradise.
On Saturday evening, we had the privilege of meeting Ernie while we were waiting for our table at Aloha Mixed Plate. He’s lived on the islands for about 50 years and has so many stories, such a life history. One that could – if he had wanted it to – put him in a very different place. Instead, he is a wonderful soul. Happy and engaging and charming. Besides his wisdom (and Hawaiian phrases), he also shared with us shiny dollar coins (we each got a different one from Sacajawea for the girls to George Washington and John Tyler) plus a newly minted $2 bill (Mara was the first to touch it – EVER).
May your day and your life be filled with people like Ernie – and may you have a moment to stop and appreciate why they crossed your path.

Maui Golf and Sports Park.

Maui Golf and Sports Park. With a name like that you might be think that there would be something – like real golf maybe – for adults. But you’d be wrong.

It’s 2 18-hole mini-golf courses, bumper boats, a rock climbing tower and extreme trampoline. It’s very nice – and not nearly as expensive as you might think. In fact, I’m pretty sure I’ve dropped more money at either Chuck E. Cheese or the local fair than I did at this place. And they sure didn’t look like this.

Also, on the positive side, it was at least 30 minutes away, and we got to experience summer road construction. I’d hate for this to feel too much like vacation – plus I gotta keep those driving skills up for a possible future career.

We also had a great dinner – but Mara wants to do that post herself.

Jen, Mara and Max

Learning the Hawaiian lingo

Since this was a lazy day by the pool, I’m taking the fabulous suggestion from a co-worker to expand our vocabularies by sharing the Hawaiian that we’ve learned. We’ll start out slow…with a bonus word for good measure.

Aloha: Hello, goodbye or can be used as a term of affection

Mahalo: Thank you (tip jars often have this on them – but don’t say “Tips” – so at one point Mara thought mahalo=tips)

Humuhumunukunukuapua’a: Hawaiian state fish…say it with me…Hoo-moo Hoo-moo Noo-koo Noo-koo a poo ah-ah

I’m more interested in learning Pidgin – which seems to be remarkably similar to some redneck slang on the mainland…


Road to Hana and beyond

Today’s adventure was the Road to Hana. For anyone who has ever driven this, you know that the journey really is the purpose. Unless, of course, you are the driver – then the journey is the challenge. I’ve come to believe that all this mountain driving is preparing me for a new career at a European grand prix driver…but I digress.

It’s a good darn thing that the view is good (although not as coastal as our prior one-lane mountain drive). It’s a good darn thing that the kids aren’t generally prone to car sickness (even if they got a little greent). It’s a good darn thing that Despicable Me is available on audiobook to help pass most of the drive time to Hana.

Honestly, our goal today wasn’t really the Road to Hana. It was a place on the other side of Hana. Officially, it’s called ‘Ohe’o Gulch but it also known as the Seven Sacred Pools. You can find the Pipiwai Trailhead in the same spot (or at least same parking lot). It’s all part of Haleakala National Park albeit sort of the long way around.

We got the pics below in the sun at the Seven Pools in between the cloudbursts…and were thankful for the towels waiting in the car. I didn’t manage to get a picture of the car conga line we were part of on the way back from Hana (which started at 3 and had grown to 12 by the time we reached P’aia). We were in the middle (#6)…just behind a Harley ( for anyone interested in renting!).

We’re taking an adventure break on Wednesday…but we’ve got free parking at Haleakala through Thursday…


Sunday Coffee

For the coffee lovers among you, here’s a quick post to give you something new to look for in your travels. Yes, they have great coffee at good prices. But they also have an awesome name. A great start to our Sunday morning was a walk with awesome views and a nice caffeine hit to get back home. Ahhh….

King Kamehameha Parade

Saturday morning (6/12) found us in downtown Lahaina enjoying breakfast and watching a little World Cup soccer. Yes, we did get to see the goal by the U.S. that has been watched around the world…so yes, it was sort of a bar. Like you expected something less (but no drinking despite the lure of “the island’s best Bloody Mary’s”).

We had figured out that a parade was in the offing – closed streets and having to pay for parking were a sure sign of that. We started out watching from our breakfast table which was on the 2nd floor so we had a good view. We ended it by following, crossing over and crossing back over the parade route to the Banyan Tree. You can almost hear the bagpipe music and feel the ocean breeze…

And, what day wouldn’t be complete without finding a puppy…and it’s owner thankfully.

Great times!

Pictures of the pad

The place we are staying at is a ‘cottage’ which is located a couple of minutes from the Kaanapali beach. Picture below is the entry area. In the Midwest we would call this the mud room! I believe here they call it the lanai ;->

Dining and living room.

Kitchen. Check out the cool wood sculpture. Those are swimming dolphins.

View from the front door. Pool directly below and Pacific Ocean further out.

Sitting area w/ queen pull out bed.

Couple of interesting observations… many of the places out here have no air conditioning. In each of the pictures you’ll notice wooden blinds. These are heavy duty and are the way you ‘open’ and ‘close’ the windows. There are screens on the outside but no glass. Opening these up plus strategically placed ceiling fans makes it very comfortable. Also interesting… the are no walls in the cottage… The closest you come to a wall are small wooden doors on both sides of the walk in shower. This takes a bit of getting used to…
All in all a very cool place!