The Trip…

The trip started with a 6.20A flight out of Kansas City connecting through Denver to Los Angeles then to Maui. 4600 miles, 21 hours. Special thanks to Jen’s mom JoAnn for getting up at 3A to swing by the house to jump in the Pilot to go drop us off at the airport. We about freaked out when we walked in and saw 100 plus Liberty, Missouri high school students on a special road trip to China in front of us. Gratefully we were able to go to the front of the United line thanks to frequent traveler status. Picture below is right before we were getting ready to jup in the car and head to the airport (~ 4.40A Wed).
Hanging at the Kansas City airport before our flight.

The kids crashed out on the plane.
Sixteen hours later and we were in Maui. Think they look a little tired?

Perhaps our greatest Family Adventure to date

Sometimes in life the normally traveled works great. Other times, there is an opportunity to create a new one… In the case of our latest family adventure, we have chosen to create our own road.

Wednesday June 2, 2010 Jen, Mara, Max, & I headed out for two months in Maui, Hawaii. We were able to rent an awesome house just across from Kaanapali beach in West Maui and were able to fly over on airline points accumulated over the past couple of years. The posts over the next seven weeks will dialogue our adventure.

We hope you enjoy taking this journey with us and hope it inspires you to create your own family adventure.