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Paying It Forward

Sometimes, you can meet people who remind you of what matters – and it happens when you least expect it. Yes, this can happen even in the middle of paradise – maybe it would be better to say it can happen especially in the middle of paradise.
On Saturday evening, we had the privilege of meeting Ernie while we were waiting for our table at Aloha Mixed Plate. He’s lived on the islands for about 50 years and has so many stories, such a life history. One that could – if he had wanted it to – put him in a very different place. Instead, he is a wonderful soul. Happy and engaging and charming. Besides his wisdom (and Hawaiian phrases), he also shared with us shiny dollar coins (we each got a different one from Sacajawea for the girls to George Washington and John Tyler) plus a newly minted $2 bill (Mara was the first to touch it – EVER).
May your day and your life be filled with people like Ernie – and may you have a moment to stop and appreciate why they crossed your path.