Table Rock 2011 Day 5: Everyone Boards Then the Sun Sets

You knew it was coming.  I had to get out from behind the wheel and take a ride on the board.  The pics make me look cool…and in control.  I wasn’t either one of those and I took a nice, hard head slap on the third run.  Gotta learn to bend those knees!

Not driving…and not falling!

While jammin’ to Tom Petty’s Greatest Hits, the rest of the crew took turns and got in some of the best runs of the trip.  Mara skied, boarded and surfed.  Max and Mike boarded…with a Max boarding and Mike surfing combo not to be missed.  (They are out at the same time but the surfing happens really close to the boat while the boarding doesn’t…pretty cool really.)

Mara on skis (so she doesn’t forget…her words)

Mara and her tube throne

Surfing + boarding…at one time

We wrap up the day with one of our favorite things:  sunset watching.  It just doesn’t get any better than seeing the colors fade over water.  We had plenty of these in Hawaii…check them out here and here.  They don’t quite have the same flash as they do at the ocean’s horizon but there is still something a little magical…and peaceful.

Hard to get better than this…