Missouri vs. Arkansas – Missouri WINS!

As I crossed the state line into my sixth and final State of the trip (Missouri), I was struck by how beautiful the Southern part of Missouri was. Northern Florida was nice as was Mississippi and I love the huge bodies of water in Northern Louisana and Southern Arkansas which made me want to return with the wakeboard boat, but seeing Table Rock lake and the Southern part of Missouri reminded me why I love this state.

Stacking, Sorting, and Carry Rocks for a Living

I had commented in a previous post about the countless roadside produce and ‘collectable’ shops in Alabama and how I was suprised there were SO MANY. As I traveled through Northern Arkansas I was stuck again but this time it was on the ‘rock’ stores. There must have been 30 of these places that sold pallets of rock. Some were small and others covered acres and acres of pallets full of pre-sorted rocks.

It got me to thinking… some of us think our jobs are difficult or we have a tough way to go of it occassionally. Imagine working in a geographic area where the best job is the finding, sorting, and stacking rocks! I loved my job before I left for this trip but after seeing and thinking about this I REALLY love my job!

PTO – Cisco Style!

What would a Cisco PTO be without at lest one conference call. After my ‘slight’ detour to see “The Cave”, I figured out that I was likely not going to make it to the next moderate size town (Harrison, AR) so I stopped at the local diner in Marshall, AR (population 1,313). The first thing that I realized when I sat down was that there was no mobile broadband service (gulp!). Then I realized that I had no wirelss service without roaming…

Forty five minutes later (can’t wait to see that cell bill!) and the at the conclusion of a great call with Brett Galloway and his executive staff regarding Managed Services, I wrapped things up and jumped back on the bike for the final miles through Northern Arkansas. For any of you who ride motorcycles, I would highly recommend this part of the country. Big sweeping turns and lots of decent rolling hills in the middle.
P.S. Yes, that is a rain suit and no, it is not an outfit leftover from the 70’s. Fashion was not on the top of my list as I got ready to drive through what I thought was going to be 6-8 hours of rain.

World’s Largest Natural Bridge

After seeing 14 signs for the “World’s Largest Natural Bridge” and gently reminding myself that this was suppose to be an ‘Adventure’, I decided I had to check out “The Bridge”. We’ll the adventure is GETTING to the bridge. This had to be the steepest, narrowest, twistiest (is that a word?) road I have ever been on. There was a sign warning “No RV’s, Buses, vehicles w/ trails and a I went down it I could not help but think about the poor soul who went down this ‘path’ and had to be drug/towed backwards out! Upon arriving my first thought was ‘this is cool but not nearly as big as the ‘natural bridge’ on Lake Powell.

Almost as interesting were the two caves. I was curious as I climbed up close if animals still use them for shelter?

Cool none the less and worth the 15 minute detour!

After crashing for the night in Little Rock, I got up early to make the last leg of the trip. After a less than healthy breakfast at Waffle House, I called Jen who informed me that it had was still raining after three days and they were calling for more storms (yee ha!). As I approached the Ozark Mountains in Northern Arkansas, it looked like solid rain for the next 100 miles so I doned the ‘ultra rain suit’ but somehow it held off and I made it through without getting soaked. I had much to be grateful for on this trip — getting through the mountains with no rain was just one of them!

Arkansas – BEAUTIFUL!

Everything about the last leg of this trip was BEAUTIFUL! The landscape, the huge lakes (or river?), the sunset! Everything! I did learn two things… A. There might be even more bugs in Arkansas than Missouri and you can’t order a beer w/ dinner after … not sure what time in Arkansas on a Sunday night.
That’s all for now. Will publish more from the last leg of the trip through N. Arkansas, Southern Missouri and to the house!
Thanks for letting me share the experience w/ all of you!

Northern Louisiana and Southern Arkansas

So… Alabama was nice, Mississippi was nicer, but Northern Louisana and Southern and mid Arkansas was georgous! This has been an awesome day of riding w/ clear roads, sunshine, and a beautiful landscape.

One of things that amazed me is the amount of water. On several occassions there were these huge bodies of water right next to the highway. The wakeboarder in me was thinking… we might have to make a trip down this way some time. These were huge bodies of water that were ulta smooth. Not sure if these are lakes or the Mississippi or Arkanas Rivers in their wider spots. Will look up when I get home. Beautiful!


So Alabama was nice but 100 miles of road construction and some not so nice roads made me glad to see the Mississippi state line. Tony M, Alabama was nice but after driving across Mississippi I have to say I think it is even prettier. Have to put down about 500 miles today to get to Little Rock tonight so will likely be a few less pictures.

Lock and Dam in Missisippi

Was cutting across Mississippi (think the name of the town was Demoville or something like that) and saw sign for Lock and Dam. As I cruised off the main road to check out I was thinking how much I wish Mara and Max were here to see this. But since they could not be here in person, I took some pictures for them to see. Make me think we need to check out the Lock and Dam over by Louisana, Missouri the next time we head over to Mark Twain. Back to the road!

Thank goodness for Super 8

Got a great nights rest at the local Super 8 and got the inside scoop on the best place to grab some ‘local’ breakfast in Montgomery from Sissy the front desk person at Super 8. Not sure I have ever enjoyed a shower and clean bed more!