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St. Louis…Day 3

Austin has bounced back like only a young teen can…and he’s ready to make up for his lost day. It’s our last day in St. Louis, but most of us just can’t stomach the idea of spending the day outside at the St. Louis Zoo (even though it totally rocks). Instead we start by browsing Union Station for souvenirs…and a couple of rounds on the Extreme Trampoline (hard to tell – but this is Austin and Mattie mid-flight…)

Then it is off to the air-conditioned side of Forest Park: The St. Louis Science Center. From science experiments to the National Geographic Real Pirates exhibit to the OmniMax’s Under the Sea, a great day is had by all. We close the place down – and wish we had gotten there earlier.

Our final stop is at the world-famous Ted Drewes Frozen Custard for a quick treat before we hit I-70 westbound…and one of Max’s infamous sunset pics (not quite the same as his Maui work but still great). Oh…and the kids entertained themselves by practicing some art photography – with Max taking pics of semis on the other side resulting in streaming light images and the others calling out timing…not bad, not bad at all.

How come there are no Starbucks on this stretch of I-70?????