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It’s Game Day…Insight Bowl 2010!

THE game is today! What game?

The Insight Bowl!

Trying to curb my enthusiasm, I throw myself into laundry and grocery shopping. Let me say that laundry is much more fun when 1) you can sit by the pool in the sun while it is going and 2) you have multiple washers and dryers at your command. I need this type of deal at home…The kids stay in the pool all day – attempting to set some sort of prune record. Mike brings his laptop and works in the sun…his rationale being similar to mine on the laundry. I think we might be able to move to this RV park with the other snowbirds…

And then we are off to the game…

Too bad that Tiger really didn’t eat that Hawkeye…

Thanks to our great friend, Dave Woodward, we have near-field level tickets and a great view. If you are Tigers fan (as we are), then it was mostly a great game…at least until that 4th quarter interception (oh, and the multiple beer run-searches that were workouts on their own). If you are a college football fan, it was a great game. Period.

Here’s to a great basketball season!

No, we don’t know the guys behind us…
A moment of silence and prayer before the game…
Time out, regroup…a new plan?


And We’re Off…Again!

While we were in Hawaii (just scroll through the posts for June and July to get a view of some of our adventures there…like Max getting stung by a man o’ war, a submarine adventure with the Gs, our hiking in the ‘Iao Valley and a very awesome snorkeling trip on the Trilogy), Mike and I mapped out an idea to see the mainland – also known as the contiguous 48 states.

It’s a goal of ours for the kids to experience a variety of things and places – not just exotic ones – but also the national areas that we sometimes take for granted. And, with that, a plan was born.

The first plan was to head to the Northeast during Christmas break – based largely on the idea that the NE (DC in particular) is a tourist madhouse in June and July. That lovely idea was really just about to hit the hardcore planning stages when I (the family COO in addition to head family photojournalist) remembered what the NE was like during Christmas 2009. Not pretty – OK, maybe REALLY pretty just not tourist or RV-travel friendly.

And Plan B was born…head to the Southwest. It’s our first extended, high-mileage RV trip – let’s not complicate things with frozen water lines and having the RV get buried in 20 inches of snow. Are we smart or what?! Handily enough, the MU Tiger football team got a bid to the Insight Bowl in Tempe. Nice of them to work with us on that!

And with that optimistic outlook, we head out of KC on 12/21 southbound to Oklahoma.

The house vomited into the RV…


P.S….We brought along 3 laptops, one USB data card, a MiFi card, 3 cell phones and 2 digital cameras.  Hate to be out of touch with you all!