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Copper 2011: Skiing and Riding

The rest of the days at Copper are a mix of skiing (Mara) and riding (Mike and Max).  Throw in some ski school for good measure, and it’s quite a full plate. (Side note and shout out to Colorado Ski and Golf which is where we bought Mara’s skis and boots…their Junior Trade program rocks.)

Max…prior to attempting to tackle a tree
Mara looking like a pro…loves the new gear

Of course, we are all about enjoying the food and drink, too. We do another round of Kids in the Kitchen at Pizza Carlo – surviving the latest kids’ creation of both regular and dessert pizzas.

I don’t even know what to say…

We also cap off our last night with a visit to JJ’s – specifically for apres ski happy hour with Moe Dixon (shameless affiliate link to Moe’s CD). The very same Moe who helped us capture that fabulous pic of Mike in the flashback. And who so graciously posed with us here. Whadya think of that guitar?

Us with Moe…he rocks!

Tomorrow, we venture back across Eastern Colorado and Kansas…Starbucks at the ready!