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Launiupoko Beach Afternoon

Going to the Olivine Pools wasn’t enough adventure for the day, so we headed out to Launipoko Beach Park in the afternoon. Even with a 4-day week, Mike was more than ready for a Friday afternoon break and it was great day for it.

For anyone following along, this is the “Poko” park that is infamous in the Peek family due to the man o’ war saga with Max. Thankfully, there were no man o’ wars or sand sharks today…just great rays and waves. The adventure today was Mike helping the kids learn how to surf. They both got dumped on the beach at least once and took a couple of waves. Not much actual surfing but a great start!

We also met some great people – to whom we were drawn mostly by the kids because they had dogs. And the kids LOVE dogs! It was great to have a nice chat plus get some more ideas on places to see (they were from Kihei which is about half way to the airport and then south). Great people, great waves, great rays…and no one stepped in dog poop!


Vacation Ups and Downs (Not Just Waves)

Ups and downs…yes, those happen even on vacation. Our “down” for the day was that Mara woke up feeling bad and looking bad (it’s up for debate about which one of these was worse – I think she votes for feeling bad). It had all the markings of her trademark illness: strep. So…off we went to Minit Clinic (fabulous service even if they don’t take our insurance – no one on the island does) and Wal-Green’s.

The “ups” were plural – starting with a repeat of being able to get access to a great clinic, doctor and antibiotic to get Mara back on the Hawaii vacation path. Combine that with awesome weather (not even too much wind!), time at the pool and a great family outing by Mike, Max, Grandma JoAnn and Great-Grandma Faith. They went to the beach Mike discovered on his surf outing the other day.

Beach chairs, boogie boarding and watching the fabulous view while eating turkey and potato salad. Of course, there was also the adventure of Max getting stung by a man o’ war (not counted as a down despite the pain because it makes for a great story!) and a 10-foot sandshark off the beach. The “ups” clearly outweighed the “down” – which is, of course, how it should be whether you are in Hawaii or not!