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Day 2: Tonkawa to Amarillo…by way of some dunes

The day dawned beautifully, and Mike captured it perfectly while walking around the field, oops, I mean RV campground, we had crashed at for the night. We were unbelievably thankful to happen upon this little place. I kid you not – it was a field beside a house that had “sites” (and I use the term loosely) with electrical hookups and cold, cinder block (but very clean) bathrooms.

Tonkawa sunrise

It was exactly what we needed at the end of that first night. And even better – it was a total bargain at $16. We like to call those little finds our “Super 8” campgrounds. They are great when all you are really looking to do is get off the road and get a good night’s sleep.

With that done, we were back on the road to Little Sahara State Park further west in Waynoka, OK. And it’s just what it sounds like…SAND DUNES! Not quite as white as the ones we discover later, but fun and not like that sand you sink into at the beach. This was almost like flour…

Max & Mara at Little Sahara

From OK we went west mostly (and a some south)…into Texas, specifically Amarillo (which had Mike singing that classic country song…). The day ended with a trip to Fernando’s restaurant found via Yelp! (which we also used in Hawaii to find Cilantro’s), and a check in at the RV park. Our home for about 36 hours was the Fort Amarillo RV Park which we highly recommend. Indoor pool for the kids, decent workout room, and the nicest staff. Plus, it had one of the bonuses we’ve come to like about certain RV parks…proximity to the roads we are traveling coupled with big intersections for those wide RV turns.

Dinner at Fernando’s


P.S. – Our server at Fernando’s was Jennifer (awesome name!) – and she made that meal a great experience…and she mixes fabulous margaritas (not El Patron exactly but still good).