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We’re In The Candy Making Business! (aka Mara Starts Jetsetting)

n the fall of 2010, Mara got accepted to travel with People to People, student ambassador travel group. The organization was started by President Eisenhower after World War II as a way to increase the understanding between countries. And what better way to do it than starting with the younger generations?

Mara will be traveling to England and France (in an effort to keep up with her dad’s passport stamps) in June 2011. And she needs to raise part of her trip tuition. To that end, we’ve become business partners. (I’m sure she would cringe at that description!)

And so, she has been shoveling snow, making all natural dog treats, selling stuff on…and making candy.

I hadn’t been this happy to see Valentine’s Day be over in at least a decade (or two).

Except that we had developed a weekly pattern of taking candy to our favorite restaurant…and they (the servers mostly) started counting on that chocolate fix to get through the busy Saturday nights. So…off we went for St. Patrick’s molds.

In the meantime, Mara is completing all sorts of fun and educational things for the trip, including a research project on…the Catacombs of Paris. Ewwww….

A map in case you want to visit…
…or a view of the bones in case you can’t get there

She is excited and so are we…wanna buy some chocolate?