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Flashback: March 2010…Off to the MidEast!

With these flashback pieces – from nearly a year ago! – you are really going to start thinking that Mike is something of a world traveler. Heck, I’m thinking that too…

Late March took him to Bahrain and Dubai. One of the things that struck me was that I also have a friend who is a nurse participating in an international program. She is working at the King Faisal Specialist Hospital & Research Center in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia – and traveling as much as possible. You ought to see her photo albums on Facebook…they are amazing!

Back to Mike…

Besides the amazing views from the Westin and driving around, Mike encountered a small issue in his hotel room. Like getting the lights to come on (yeah, this is one of the kids’ favorites!)…he could not find a light switch anywhere. So, after stumbling around the room for a bit, he used the light from the glare of his phone screen to find the phone and call the front desk. And…all the lights in the room are activated using the room key – there is a scanner just inside the door that “notifies” the room that you are there. Good to know…in case you go to Dubai.

View from Dubai Westin

Other things of interest? There are very few wheelchairs anywhere (Mike saw none – not even in the airport), and the people are AMAZINGLY gracious. They place a very high value on service and family (coming from their culture of being herders and sheperds…not oil sheiks), and they are just down right nice. Not so much what you see in the press, is it? And, of course…beautiful mosques…

The importance of family:  Display in a co-worker’s house
One of the mosques…beautifully lit at night

Unfortunately, Mike did not swim with the dolphins at the Atlantis hotel…I think that’s a good reason to go back – and take me! He did get a great picture of this unbelievable glass sculpture in the lobby…can you imagine what the rest of the hotel looks like?

Atlantis glass lobby sculpture…it’s HUGE!

And, in case you are wondering…the worst part of his trip?  Getting from Washington, D.C. to KC once he got BACK into the US.  A large thunderstorm moved through KC – causing a redirect to Omaha.  During that part of the flight, lightening hit the plane (no injuries and no engines out) – and the plane couldn’t come to KC.  So…Mike and some new friends took a car to KC.  It was either that or fly to Denver, Chicago or back to DC to get a different flight to KC.  Really?  Those are the choices?  The lines at the rental counter were rrrreeeeaaaalllly long…