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Booze Cruisin’ and Cabo Wabo

Of course, we couldn’t go to Mexico without the kids and not enjoy the libations and the music!  Yes, the biggest reason for the trip (besides getting the hell away into some sun) was to see Sammy at his birthday bash, but that doesn’t mean we didn’t branch out into other venues.

On our first night, we got on the Cabo Escapes Booze Cruise.  (Mike had flown in a day early and heard this party on a boat dock the night before.)  They did not disappoint.  The on-board entertainment was fantastic – we spent most of our time on the upper party deck (vs. the lower food-centric one).  We met some new friends from Missouri (within 30 miles of home no less!) as well as some from California.  There were all ages, too from 5 year olds to 80 year olds (who could cut a rug!).

As a side note, we had an issue with our reservation not being shown so we paid again at the boat loading.  We received a response and a refund of our double payment within 4 hours of our notifying Cabo Escapes.  Just one more reason we highly recommend them!

The next night was THE night we had been waiting for!  Sammy’s birthday party!  Hard to believe this man is in his 60’s…we can only hope to be doing what we love, living life on our terms and to the fullest the way Sammy is.  This was the fourth and final concert of his birthday bash series – and it was an outside block party.  Cabo Wabo shots abounded and the music rocked (of course!).  Guy Fieri (Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives) introduced Sammy.  Michael Anthony played bass.  A birthday cake to the face rounded out the evening.  Now…if we’d just been able to try Sammy’s new rum…that may call for a trip to Maui!

We plan to make it an annual tradition…along with Copper, Table Rock lake and the Powell guys trip.

One last view…


Copper 2011: Skiing and Riding

The rest of the days at Copper are a mix of skiing (Mara) and riding (Mike and Max).  Throw in some ski school for good measure, and it’s quite a full plate. (Side note and shout out to Colorado Ski and Golf which is where we bought Mara’s skis and boots…their Junior Trade program rocks.)

Max…prior to attempting to tackle a tree
Mara looking like a pro…loves the new gear

Of course, we are all about enjoying the food and drink, too. We do another round of Kids in the Kitchen at Pizza Carlo – surviving the latest kids’ creation of both regular and dessert pizzas.

I don’t even know what to say…

We also cap off our last night with a visit to JJ’s – specifically for apres ski happy hour with Moe Dixon (shameless affiliate link to Moe’s CD). The very same Moe who helped us capture that fabulous pic of Mike in the flashback. And who so graciously posed with us here. Whadya think of that guitar?

Us with Moe…he rocks!

Tomorrow, we venture back across Eastern Colorado and Kansas…Starbucks at the ready!


Copper 2011: Ice Skating and a Friendly Game of Pool

The thing about going to Copper in March is that the weather can vary quite a bit. You know, completely different than here in Missouri where it can snow one day, be 60 degrees with thunderstorms the next and then back to the snow.

This matters largely because if it’s been too warm there is no ice skating along with requisite falling on your butt which is handy when you need something to complain about for the remainder of the trip. There is nothing quite like the phrase “My butt hurts” coming out of the mouths of kids.

Oh, and did I mention there is an ice cream place that rents out the ice skates. I’m sure that wasn’t any sort of grand plan…

Ahhh….they almost look innocent

Ice “hockey”

Not to be kept down by skating mishaps, we continue getting out of our car claustrophobia by teaching the kids learn the finer skills in life. Like playing pool. Salsa Mountain Cantina has great Mexican food, a pretty good margarita and a pool table.

Never ones to miss out on a rousing chance at family rivalry, we (by which I mean Mike and the kids) like to take their turn playing pool. Mike has to play either one-handed or with the cue behind his back. I’m sure he’ll be ready for some sort of tournament any day now.

Pool Shark #1…
…and Pool Shark #2

We also met a new friend – Dale, who happens to be in charge of the Tubing Hill. It reminded us of meeting Ernie at Aloha Mixed Plate when we were in Hawaii. You just never know where you can make a new friend or be reminded of an old one.

I think we might all be ready to hit the slopes.  Ok, not me, but the rest of them…


Flashback: Copper Spring Break

I could have actually titled this post “flashbacks” but that starts to conjure up all other sorts of ideas, and we just can’t have that in a family blog (except, of course, for the blatant inuendo that I just made).

We started going to Copper Mountain when Max was only 10 months old.  If memory serves, it is where he took his first meaningful (e.g., more than two without hitting the ground) steps.  And, here we are 8 years later getting ready for our annual trek.  That does NOT make us old…it makes us nicely experienced.

Honestly, we cannot say enough good things about Copper.  It is a awesome for families. The terrain is nicely and naturally divided so the greens are mostly separate from the blues which are mostly away from the blacks.  Not being a skiier or boarder, I’m not so much a good judge of that, but I hear that’s pretty cool.

Mara is the skiier.  Mike and Max are boarders.  We’re all fans of the mountains and being outside.  With that, we are getting ready to pack up the Pilot, head across the great plains of Kansas and relive a few memories in the process.  Here’s to the memories….

The kids get to make their own pizza at Pizza Carlo
Max believes he’s the king of it all…
…Mara just wants to conquer all the tree runs…
…and Mike is all about the music!

Ahh…time to make some new memories!