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We see a play and some penguins

This Sunday afternoon we did something a little different: we went to see a play. We’re not a play-seeing family in general, so this was a new thing for us. And why not? We’ve done lots of new things while on Maui!

This one was a local kids’ production that was part of a 5-week camp. It was a musical version of “Alice in Wonderland” – and was held at the Westin. The bonus for us was that we knew someone in the production. One of the supporting cast lives in the same complex we are calling home this summer – and she’s the same age as Mara.

The kids did a great job and it was a fantastic way to spend Sunday afternoon. After that, we walked down to the Hyatt to see the penguins. Yes, penguins. I just couldn’t resist throwing that in. They were little ones so they were pretty cute – and I swear they had dog houses that they lived in. They were painted black and a little sculpted to look like rocks…but still.


P.S. – We have walked through the Sheraton, Westin and Hyatt all in the last 3 days. Max is intrigued by the fancy pools and water slides. And, I’ve got to say that the properties are gorgeous (like you’d expect something less). Max has requested at least a 2-week stay in one of them…and he’ll be saving his money for that! For me, our home away from home has been wonderful, and I can’t imagine going to back to staying in a (little) hotel room…