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The year started on an awesome foot waking up in Maui where we had been since December 20th.

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The thing is though a kick ass life is not just about what it’s like when you are in a beautiful place like Maui.  It’s about making EACH day awesome.  My goal in 2015 is to make each day kick ass and with occasional (monthly?) trips our experiences that are the next level up… mind blowing.

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Hope you enjoy the blog and until later… have a kick ass day!

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It was such a deal that took me to 【期間限定ポイント10倍】ティファニー TIFFANY & Co 時計 腕時計 ティファニー 時計 レディース TIFFANY&Co Z19001030E91A40B ATLAS COCKTAIL ROUND 腕時計 ウォッチ ホワイトパール

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So…off we went!  We checked into the 【送料無料】腕時計ヒューゴボスクロノグラフストラップクワドラントhugo boss 1513033 da uomo con cronografo cinturino in pelle nera quadrante bianc

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Coming back from a day out with the boys.  This is Greg’s brand new Tige 24′.  Incredible boat.  Look at that water behind the boat.  Why aren’t we riding???

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No, this is not a scene from Hangover 3.  This is the first night we all got together and we were heading back in a convertable that was obviously not built for 5!

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Below is our infamous Dan the Man who decided for some reason that he needed to take his shirt off and flex for the team in the middle of the restaurant.
[GTH-C2451AW3H-T-BL-13A-20A]【都市ガス】 ノーリツ ガス給湯器 ガス温水暖房付ふろ給湯器 24号 フルオート エコジョーズ PS扉内設置形(PS設置)(超高層対応) リモコン別売 2温度3P内蔵 【送料無料】【フルオート】
Below Dan is settle a small issue w/ one of the Androgynous pool boys who made a less than pleasant comment.  Have to say it was fun seeing the 53 year old put down the 24 year old!
[RUFH-A2400AU2-3:13A+MBC-120V(T)] リンナイ ガスふろ給湯暖房用熱源機 24号 都市ガス [北海道沖縄離島除き送料無料]

Opening night w/ the team mamy of whom had never met face to face.  It was AWESOME to see this group come together and bond.  Great times!

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Our new friends Steve, Crystal and their daughter along with Jory and Mary. 

『カード対応OK!』●β東芝 電設資材【TFNCB13E5-162GCSA】扉付・機能付 ガス発電+太陽光発電用(主幹50A)
\★エアコン3大特典祭!キャンペーン中★/◆ 日立 ルームエアコン ◆RAS-BJ25E-C 壁掛形 BJシリーズ シングル 8畳程度 単相100V ワイヤレス≪ 送料無料!安心の1年間メーカー保証 ≫

Mara and Max with some of their new friends.

Full Life. Full Family. Full Throttle.