Powell 2011

Each year a group of us head out for a week at Lake Powell.  I am ultra fortunate in that I get to do a couple of cool trips each year but this one is by far and away my my favorite non family trip of the year.  It is an incredible group of guys and we spend the day doing what each of us loves… time on the water riding, relaxing, and enjoying great friendships.

In my personal opinion, Powell is one of the most beautiful places in the world.  As a wakeboarder this is the type of water you dream about…  and we had it every day!

Ok, so, how does it getter than this?  Great weather, great water, surfing, cold beverage…

Coming back from a day out with the boys.  This is Greg’s brand new Tige 24′.  Incredible boat.  Look at that water behind the boat.  Why aren’t we riding???

Bud Bullard and I doing a little dual surfing.  I have to admit that it was around this time that I becase a little overwhelmed at how fortunate I am.  I would never have dreamed when I was a kid that I would have the opportunity to do these types of things in a beautiful environment like this with a great group of guys.

As I said, one of the most beautiful places in the world.  Sunrise – Lake Powell 2011

Sunset Lake Powell – 2011

Hanging out on the front of the boat.  Friendships and memories that will last a lifetime.

Picture of the cockpit of Win’s go fast boat.  I wish I could get the video to load of us passing the 115 MPH mark Thursday morning of the trip in this.  Was awesome!

Last day for most of the crew.  Unfortunately Troy had some issues w/ his boat and it had to be drug back to the loading ramp.

The morning before heading home.  Bobby took me up to this awesome restaurant in the foothills above Denver.  Incredibly beautiful place w/ great food. 

I am a lucky, lucky guy.