Creating a Legacy

In mid September I was able to bring together my global Cisco Cloud Collaboration team.  FY11 was one of the toughest years any of us has had professionally but also one of the most rewarding.  We contracted close to three quarters of a billion dollars in revenue and in the process began to create a legacy.  Each person from everywhere around the world (Dubai, Germany, UK, Australia, Mexico City, US, etc.) uniquely contributed and if you pull any single person out we would not have been able to accomplish what we did.  FY12 will take our game to the next level and truly define the legacy of this team and it’s members.  Below is our closing night dinner.

No, this is not a scene from Hangover 3.  This is the first night we all got together and we were heading back in a convertable that was obviously not built for 5!

Below is our infamous Dan the Man who decided for some reason that he needed to take his shirt off and flex for the team in the middle of the restaurant.
Below Dan is settle a small issue w/ one of the Androgynous pool boys who made a less than pleasant comment.  Have to say it was fun seeing the 53 year old put down the 24 year old!

Opening night w/ the team mamy of whom had never met face to face.  It was AWESOME to see this group come together and bond.  Great times!