M I Z – Z O U. First MU Tigers game as a family in years

We got up bright and early (on the road by 6:30A) to head down to the opening game of the Missouri Tigers game as a family.  This was the first game we had attended as foursome since Mara was around 5 or 6 years old.  The game was an 11A start and we were meeting our friends Jory, Mary, Les, and crew to tailgate before the game.  Max and Mara managed to make it down from their bedrooms, into the Pilot, and get some food in them on the road before they crashed in the backseat for the ride down to Columbia.

Below: Jory Hansen and Ann setting up the table.  I think Jory should have let Ann do it by herself…
Left to Right: Doug Bolerjack, Les, Larry Schepers, and Mary Hansen.  Notice the table is still not set up…

Our new friends Steve, Crystal and their daughter along with Jory and Mary. 

The Peek crew.  There was no way I was not taking advantage of one of the last sunny, hot days of summer to get some sun.

Mara and Max with some of their new friends.

Truman the Tiger getting the crowd fired up before the game.

Max borrowed my hat due to the extreme heat.  Of course he had to craft it Max style.

Before heading back to Kansas City we stopped by to see Rick, Teri, Beth and some of their friends at the pool.  It was a good thing Jen was keeping track of time otherwise I think me and he kids would have hung out at the pool until dark which would have made the trip back to Kansas City brutal.
All in all a great trip down to Columbia.  The Tigers beat Miami of Ohio 17 to 10 but confirmed our concerns that MU is not likely to be as dominant as years past.  We got to meet some new folks.  And we learned some things that we will incorporate into future games we go to as a family.  Special thanks to Jen for being the mom to all of us as I acted like I was back in college and for driving home!