Flashback: Copper Spring Break

I could have actually titled this post “flashbacks” but that starts to conjure up all other sorts of ideas, and we just can’t have that in a family blog (except, of course, for the blatant inuendo that I just made).

We started going to Copper Mountain when Max was only 10 months old.  If memory serves, it is where he took his first meaningful (e.g., more than two without hitting the ground) steps.  And, here we are 8 years later getting ready for our annual trek.  That does NOT make us old…it makes us nicely experienced.

Honestly, we cannot say enough good things about Copper.  It is a awesome for families. The terrain is nicely and naturally divided so the greens are mostly separate from the blues which are mostly away from the blacks.  Not being a skiier or boarder, I’m not so much a good judge of that, but I hear that’s pretty cool.

Mara is the skiier.  Mike and Max are boarders.  We’re all fans of the mountains and being outside.  With that, we are getting ready to pack up the Pilot, head across the great plains of Kansas and relive a few memories in the process.  Here’s to the memories….

The kids get to make their own pizza at Pizza Carlo
Max believes he’s the king of it all…
…Mara just wants to conquer all the tree runs…
…and Mike is all about the music!

Ahh…time to make some new memories!