Flashback: September 2010…Straight to Sydney (Part 1)

Probably because I’ve always wanted to go to Australia (and really I don’t know why but Mara feels the same way), this particular post about Mike’s trips to the various contentinents is actually going to be TWO different ones.  I know you are thrilled – so we might as well dive right in…

As if going to Lake Powell for a week isn’t enough fun, Mike heads directly from there (by way of Denver) to Sydney, Australia. Makes for interesting packing – oh and a visit to the MD to get some Ambien first. That jet lag can be a killer on productivity, especially on a 24-hour flight. Wimp. (See, it pays to be the one writing!)

Back to the update at hand…the trip was for work or the remainder of the Peek clan would have mutinied. Not that we’re the jealous types or anything. But, seriously, doesn’t everyone want to go to Australia?

Self-explanatory, right?

The one day Mike got to really tour the city – and to get some surfing in – didn’t have the best weather. Or at least not the best weather for surfing. Still, he did quite a bit of walking and we all got souvenirs! We almost never get souvenirs (unless you count foreign currency)! Maybe it was leftover effects of the Ambien…

Here are some the sights and highlights…

Hyde Park is Sydney’s central open green space and it was named after the Hyde Park in London, however, its origins are somewhat different. Originally the Park was a racecourse and sporting ground playing host to all manners of competition.

Aboriginal statue in Hyde Park which is just filled with this kind of stuff

St. Mary’s Cathedral sits on the east side of Hyde Park. It is one of Sydney’s oldest buildings. The first cathedral was ruined by fire in 1865 and reconstruction is completely finished 63 years later – 100 years after the architect’s death. Wow…that’s even longer than some of the highway projects around KC.

It looks small – it’s not.  No wonder it took so long to build!

Australia is known for its beaches: Bondi, Manley and Coogee being the ones closest to Sydney. So, no surfing for Mike really…but hey, he got to see some man o’ wars which brought back memories of Max in Hawaii (hee hee…that never gets old!).

Manly Beach…where is everybody?

So – that’s Australia, Part I.  I bet you can’t wait to see Part II!