Flashback: September 2010…Mike Does Lake Powell

One of the best things about the lifestyle we have as a family is that we do great things as a family – enjoying time together and making great memories. We also think it’s important that each member gets to enjoy their own things, too.

If you’ve been around a bit (and it doesn’t even have to be that long really), you’ll recognize one of the themes here is being outside, enjoying the sunshine and water (when it’s warm enough – not so much into the Polar Plunge even for a great cause). Water, boarding and sunshine…it all comes together for one last hurrah at Lake Powell for Mike in September.

Around mid-September (although sometimes later), Mike and a group of guys (including his brother, Tom) head out to this lake to “camp” on a GIANT houseboat with wakeboard boats in tow. Days of boarding, surfing (yes, surfing behind a boat), hanging out and eating guy food…in the sun and on the water. Mike calls it the most beautiful place he’s seen – at least in the continental U.S. That’s saying something ‘cuz he’s kinda picky. 

This could be Mike…or not

Geography lesson alert!  Lake Powell is 186 miles long with a shoreline longer than the whole western coast of the continental United States.  It’s part of Glen Canyon National Park – which will explain why 1) there is no development; 2) no cell phone service; and 3) the pics below.

Imagine how big it is if you’re really there…
….or here…

We love that he gets to do this – and that each of us has our own thing as well as what we get to do and see as a family. Now…we’re just trying to figure out if we can get the RV with the boat behind it out there next summer…where did I put that atlas?