Plaza Lighting 2010…Peek Family Style

Last year, we discovered that the (Country Club) Plaza Lights get a full lighting test at 2 a.m. on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. Let’s see…get up at 1 a.m., head to the Plaza with no traffic and get an awesome parking spot, geeat at IHOP and go home…or fight 100,000 other people on a cold November night…

Decisions, decisions…

Ummm, yeah. We opt for 2 a.m. – although enthusiasm on the part of the kids miraculously wanes when it’s time to actually get up and go. Wimps. They are in full force by the time we got to the eating, though. Shocking, I know.

So, yes, we see the over 80 miles of lights with 280,000 multi-colored bulbs outlining and illuminating the buildings come on all at once, in all their holiday splendor…before most other people (there are maybe 150 or others who make the middle of the night trek, too). 

Plaza Lights 2010