Table Rock…love the water

We are serious water people.  Sure, not as serious as some – but hey, we just spent 2 months on an island and came back to spend a week at a lake.  We are least rank in the middle of the scale…

Before you even ask, I am the boat driver and the photojournalist.  That’s why I am not in pictures.  I can only do so much, people.  Mike boarded and surfed (yes, surfed behind the boat).  Mara skiied and got outside the wake – woo hoo!  Max practiced being pulled behind the boat…and I did the pulling.  No pics though…I was too busy pulling (literally with my hands as fast as I could to give the impression of the boat moving).  Mike soooo wished we had it on film.  Darn the luck.


Mara “surfing”

Max “surfing”

Mike surfing…really (he’s like 3 feet behind the boat using its wake)

Great days…no rain…