Table Rock Lake – August 2010

Yes, we STILL did annual week’s vacation at Table Rock this year.  And, yes, it was about 10 days after we returned from Hawaii.  And, yes, we STILL managed to pick the hottest stinkin’ week of the summer to go.  A lake the temperature of bath water is not overly refreshing but we weren’t complaining…

After packing up our 60 feet of fun (the RV + the boat) we headed out and made great time all the way through Springfield and Branson.  Woo hoo!  We were just thinking about celebrating our uneventful trip down the highway when we pulled off the ramp to go to the state park and POW!  What the….

Umm…the exhaust fell off the generator.  Ya know what that means?  Yeah – me either…I do now.  It means NO A/C while driving.  Good thing we were close.  (And good thing it didn’t mean no A/C at all because that would have meant a hotel for at least me…remember that “hottest week of the year” part from earlier?).

Needless to say, we grabbed lunch in Subway (Max’s favorite) which had air and then headed out to Table Rock State Park.  Got in the Sunday line at the boat ramp and then got on the water…ahhhhhh.
Mike is thrilled to be on the water…
…and so are the kids!