The Gazebo for Breakfast

There are times when guidebooks seem to overstate – and, of course, they are filled with the opinions of the writers’ so sometimes you just gotta wonder. Still…when there are consistent recommendations for food, ya gotta listen – or taste.

That led us to to try breakfast on Saturday at a little place called The Gazebo in Napili Shores. And, I do mean little – 15 tables max. Not sure how many people this equates to since some tables seat 2 and some seat 4 (5 if its kids where you can squeeze 2 on one side). They open at 7:30…and here was the part we were a little skeptical about: the wait. You just line up and stand there (or least someone in the group does). No taking names, no fancy pagers.

What do you get for your time? Well…the first thing you get is an amazing view and all kinds of time to explore the shore line just below the hill that the Gazebo (which really is a big gazebo). It’s a shoreline full of lava rocks and pools that are left by the falling tide. In those pools are loads of sea urchins, small fish, teeny little crabs and a fish that looks like a sand-covered stuffed tube sock.

After that, you can eat (our wait was about an hour – we got there at 8:10). It was great food – amazing pancakes and omelets. And an amazing view – we scored two tables right next to each other and the VIEW (yes, this was the view from our table)! Every breakfast should be like this…