Atlantis Submarine

After breakfast at the Gazebo, the kids, me and the Gs ventured into downtown Lahaina to board the noon cruise of the Atlantis Submarine. It’s easy to have reservations about this stuff…I mean, it’s tourism at its best. Or at least you hope for the best.

After a couple quick photo ops near the cannon and by a fresh catch from a sport fishing trip that had just docked, we boarded a shuttle boat to take us out to the sub. Our “party of five” status got us on the boat first. It was questionable whether Max’s seat right next to the tour announcer was the best seat in the house or not – he thoroughly enjoyed it and (of course) used it as a chance to ask plenty of questions.

As with most tours like this, the announcer or tour guide or whatever title they use (I think this one was “naturalist” since he was talking all about the sea and sea life) is what can make or break it. This guy was great! Entertaining and knowledgable. Of course, that should be his job but…Plus, he’s from Nebraska. I didn’t ask if he was a Huskers fan…rather not ruin the good impression I had!