Random Maui Thoughts from Mike

Jen has been doing an awesome job of updating the blog but I thought I would weigh in with a couple thoughts of my own. Many of you know that Jen and I have a favorite restaurant in Kansas City by the name of El Patron (plug: hands down voted best margaritas in Kansas City and the best mexican food). Our weekly Friday or Saturday night trips there inevitably lead to us driving home singing to our favorite tunes and in general having an awesome time.

We think we may have found our El Patron replacement here in Maui. Jen blogged about it earlier but the name is Aloha Mixed Plate. Great food, great drinks, very reasonably priced and the view… we’ll see the picture of Max standing on the wall between the restaurant and the ocean. Simply amazing.

As kids, we use to take an old surf board we found at the beach in California, line it up at one end of the pool, run as fast as we could, junp on and try and ride the length of the pool. This led to countless hours of fun (not to mention many crash and burns on the concrete). We’ll traditions live on and I started teaching Mara and Max to jump on the wakeskate off the back of the swim platform of our boat when we go to the lake and we have now adapted it to the boogey board across the pool here in Maui. Earlier post had Max going. Below is my attempt.

I tend to drive everywhere in a rush. Even when I am not late. Slow people drive me nuts! The drives in Hawaii remind to slow down and enjoy the ride. It’s only a 2-3 miles to Lahaina (grocery store, Starbucks, etc.) and 26 to the airport but the each time I reminded of simply how beautiful it is here.

Wow. Simply wow.

Closing thought… we have been in Hawaii just short of three weeks. I have been working long days and most weekends. I committed this weekend that during our remaining weeks here I will surf at least twice a week, enjoy the pool and sunshine and a good book at least a small portion of everyday and remind myself daily how lucky I am.

Thanks for letting us share this journey with you. You, our friends and family, are what make our lives full and awesome.