Northern Louisiana and Southern Arkansas

So… Alabama was nice, Mississippi was nicer, but Northern Louisana and Southern and mid Arkansas was georgous! This has been an awesome day of riding w/ clear roads, sunshine, and a beautiful landscape.

One of things that amazed me is the amount of water. On several occassions there were these huge bodies of water right next to the highway. The wakeboarder in me was thinking… we might have to make a trip down this way some time. These were huge bodies of water that were ulta smooth. Not sure if these are lakes or the Mississippi or Arkanas Rivers in their wider spots. Will look up when I get home. Beautiful!


So Alabama was nice but 100 miles of road construction and some not so nice roads made me glad to see the Mississippi state line. Tony M, Alabama was nice but after driving across Mississippi I have to say I think it is even prettier. Have to put down about 500 miles today to get to Little Rock tonight so will likely be a few less pictures.

Lock and Dam in Missisippi

Was cutting across Mississippi (think the name of the town was Demoville or something like that) and saw sign for Lock and Dam. As I cruised off the main road to check out I was thinking how much I wish Mara and Max were here to see this. But since they could not be here in person, I took some pictures for them to see. Make me think we need to check out the Lock and Dam over by Louisana, Missouri the next time we head over to Mark Twain. Back to the road!

Thank goodness for Super 8

Got a great nights rest at the local Super 8 and got the inside scoop on the best place to grab some ‘local’ breakfast in Montgomery from Sissy the front desk person at Super 8. Not sure I have ever enjoyed a shower and clean bed more!

Made it to Montgomery!

Made it to Montgomery! Although I was about 90 minutes later than I had hoped (see previous post on Dotham), I got here with no issues. Based on the size on the map and overall name recognition, I thought Montgomery was much bigger.

Did find a nice Ruby Tuesday’s to eat at and made a new ‘friend’. Ebony gave me the scoop on Montgomery and Southern Alabama. After some good food and a cold beverage I was off to find some place to crash for the night.

Dotham, AL

If you ever have a chance to go through Dotham, Alabama – DON’T!

What should have been a 15 minute commute through a nice Alabama community turned into a 60 sixty minutes stop and go fiasco. At least 25 stop lights and none of them syncronized. I think the engineering group that ‘planned out’ the logistics for Dotham must have been KU grads (just joking guys!).

Southern Alabama

As I entered Alabama, I decided it was way too nice not to catch some rays. Southern Alabama is the epicenter of roadside fruit stands, roadside ‘collectable‘ shops, and more used car dealerships than any state I have seen in my life. As I make my way North towards Montgomery, I am amazed at how beautiful this area of the country is! Tony M, I now understand why you live in this area.

I also learned a little ‘history’ as I crossed into Alabama!

Northern Florida

Made the trek from Gainesville North and then West to Tallahassee. While I think Florida State has a nicer football stadium (see pic!), overall I was far more impressed w/ Gainesville than Tallahassee. The rest of trip across Northern Florida was absolutely beautiful from a scenary perspective. I could have done w/o the intermitent rain but it never rained hard so… no big deal.
I did notice two things as headed across I-10. First was the fact that there was NO litter. It was awesome to see. Second was the markers on the side of the note stating “Be Safe”. It took me a while to figure out that these were placed in memory of lives lost. Most people probably don’t think much of it but I think I am sure the families who have lost loved ones appreciate the ongoing recognition of their lost. loved ones.
More and more I see the appeal of Florida!

Gaineville, FL – I could see why people like this area!

Stopped in Gainesville to grab a bite. It is 100 degrees out but not rain so all good. After spending just an hour or two on the road in Florida, I can see the appeal. It is GREEN, has lots of trees and water, and the people overall seem very nice. Gainesville feels like a great college town. If I did not have to be back home for work on Tuesday, I would be tempted to hang around a bit!