World’s Largest Natural Bridge

After seeing 14 signs for the “World’s Largest Natural Bridge” and gently reminding myself that this was suppose to be an ‘Adventure’, I decided I had to check out “The Bridge”. We’ll the adventure is GETTING to the bridge. This had to be the steepest, narrowest, twistiest (is that a word?) road I have ever been on. There was a sign warning “No RV’s, Buses, vehicles w/ trails and a I went down it I could not help but think about the poor soul who went down this ‘path’ and had to be drug/towed backwards out! Upon arriving my first thought was ‘this is cool but not nearly as big as the ‘natural bridge’ on Lake Powell.

Almost as interesting were the two caves. I was curious as I climbed up close if animals still use them for shelter?

Cool none the less and worth the 15 minute detour!