PTO – Cisco Style!

What would a Cisco PTO be without at lest one conference call. After my ‘slight’ detour to see “The Cave”, I figured out that I was likely not going to make it to the next moderate size town (Harrison, AR) so I stopped at the local diner in Marshall, AR (population 1,313). The first thing that I realized when I sat down was that there was no mobile broadband service (gulp!). Then I realized that I had no wirelss service without roaming…

Forty five minutes later (can’t wait to see that cell bill!) and the at the conclusion of a great call with Brett Galloway and his executive staff regarding Managed Services, I wrapped things up and jumped back on the bike for the final miles through Northern Arkansas. For any of you who ride motorcycles, I would highly recommend this part of the country. Big sweeping turns and lots of decent rolling hills in the middle.
P.S. Yes, that is a rain suit and no, it is not an outfit leftover from the 70’s. Fashion was not on the top of my list as I got ready to drive through what I thought was going to be 6-8 hours of rain.