Northern Florida

Made the trek from Gainesville North and then West to Tallahassee. While I think Florida State has a nicer football stadium (see pic!), overall I was far more impressed w/ Gainesville than Tallahassee. The rest of trip across Northern Florida was absolutely beautiful from a scenary perspective. I could have done w/o the intermitent rain but it never rained hard so… no big deal.
I did notice two things as headed across I-10. First was the fact that there was NO litter. It was awesome to see. Second was the markers on the side of the note stating “Be Safe”. It took me a while to figure out that these were placed in memory of lives lost. Most people probably don’t think much of it but I think I am sure the families who have lost loved ones appreciate the ongoing recognition of their lost. loved ones.
More and more I see the appeal of Florida!